5/06/06 A diverse range of interests

Creating CSS menus. Taking Pest for driving lessons. Watching Have I Got News For You. Rehearsing some songs with Daves Watson and Christopher, to be joined next week by Haswell. I will be an honourary Dave. Hammering a long spike into the lawn to accommodate a clothes dryer then playing at The Mighty Thor with the borrowed hammer. Working at the weekend – unusual for me. Deciding about another Guitar Craft course. Listening to two favourite albums – David Byrne’s Rei Momo and Paul Simon’s Rhythm of the Saints, and a new friend, Lyndsay Sugden’s CD. Driving  Madame and her dad to Glasgow for their week in Prague. Adding a drum loop to The Spell and rejecting one for Roadblock. Drinking strong coffee for the drive back with the result that I’m still up writing this.

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