Trip to Birmingham for a three-hour meeting kicking off a new project. Long wait at the airport for the plane home, reading Mojo magazine and Derren Brown’s book. Getting home about 9, caught up with email including the introductory email for the six-month Guitar Craft At-A-Distance course, which begins this weekend. Quite what it will entail and how demanding it will be is unknown, and I have some trepidation. Played some of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, a present from Plague and only my second ever computer game. The first was a Lord of the Rings game a couple of years ago which I could play fast enough to avoid frustration. But this reconnects me with the Marvel obsessive that occupied this mental space from the ages of 13-16, and is quite easy (so far). I have accomplished in two one-hour sittings what would have taken Plague all of ten minutes, I’m sure. But I did it My Way …

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