A long day at the keyboard, much of it spent wrestling with a Javascript programming job I volunteered for last week. This is the third time I’ve gone back to scratch with it, started off simple and tied my self in knots of impossibility. At 9:30 I said ‘enough’ and left it.

Also today viewed some work by a colleague and in my role as quality guardian for our site had to take issue with some of it; I could see his good intentions but he was erring on the side of being corporately correct instead of being interesting. Part of this was due to a request from a manager which he thought he had to fulfil instead of challenging. After an amicable discussion I drafted a new design and sent it to him to see if he could get behind it. This isn’t a corporate site as such – it’s public-facing, which we’re not used to, and demands a level of attractiveness higher than sites which are accessed by necessity for the quick retrieval of information. The interesting part of the process was dealing with him on a friendly basis without ‘pulling rank’ – great necessity for thinking before speaking. I was only partly successful in that, but he was very open to what I was saying so he could forgive when I was more scathing about some parts than I needed to be.

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