Another long day at the codeface, my last for a week. I put what I’d done of the site – 80% of it – on the test server to be reviewed, and clocked off.  Thursday I fly to a team meeting in Birmingham, Friday it’s Vienna via Manchester for a Guitar Craft weekend followed by a few days sightseeing. I can’t quite imagine two days without working on this project, let alone a week, but I’m sure it’ll be good.

Too tired and computer-averse to do anything else, I sat in front of the TV and found an excellent documentary about the making of the Who’s Next album. Never one of my favourite bands, except for a few tracks, all of them on this album, and this was surely their finest moment. I love opportunities like this to hear the individual tracks, the tracks that were left out, the ideas behind the mix etc. It’s second nature for me to listen to rock music analytically, and this is an analytic listener’s dream.

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