5 December 2005

Design using ‘borrowed’ CSS layouts (the best from http://www.tanfa.co.uk) during the day. Pest was off school with what the doctor thinks is either scarlet fever or glandular fever.

In the evening dinner with the G and Nelson at Izzi’s in Lothian Road – a sort of theG.co.uk office party. Yes we pulled crackers and wore hats! Discussed blogging, and reasons for doing it. I see it as a kind of self-knowledge by humiliation – you choose what to report, unconsciously presenting a self you see as desirable or interesting, but in the knowledge that others will read it and see the emperor has no clothes – they may read it as pretentious, self-involved twaddle. You may revisit your old blog entries and also see them as pretentious, self-involved twaddle. Or not. So keep doing it.
After dinner we went to Colorsound for a jam. I rehearsed there with Hungry Ghosts in the early 90s and it was grimy, forbidding, delapidated and, to try to be positive about it, very punk. More than ten years later it was grimy, forbidding, delapidated and, to try very hard to be positive about it, very punk. And I never liked punk. It looked as though no cleaner, joiner, painter or technician had ever set foot in it during all this time. A staff member tried to get the heater in our room to blast out something other than cold air, but gave up and said it’ll probably warm up. It didn’t, so I played with my warmest jacket on. We ran very quickly through a long set of covers the G had brought, having fun but playing none particularly well except in guitar hero mode on Whole Lotta Love and Voodoo Chile, when he really came into his own.

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