5 November 2005

Some uncultured person was letting off fireworks in the near vicinity from about 1:30 till 2:15 this morning.  Long gaps between them, so you just had time to try to get back to sleep. Obviously at attempt at deliberate mass torture. Which, joking aside, is what the Guardian on Thursday reported the Israeli air force are doing regularly by flying over the occupied territories at night causing sonic booms, which are obviously in a different league from fireworks, making a normal night impossible.

"Oh my God, not again!" Shouted taxi driver Abu Omar while sharply
parking his car on the side of one of Gaza City’s traffic-jammed
streets. A thunderous explosion echoed throughout the city, as Israeli
fighter jets broke the sound barrier over the Gaza Strip.

The old man’s hands were shaking as passengers tried to calm him down
and reassure him that it was only a loud sound. "I couldn’t sleep well
when it happened last night," sighed the Abu Omar. "This is simply
(Yasser Abu Moailek)

Last night gave me the faintest, most trivial idea of the ordeal they are (openly and with official acknowledgement) putting these people through: mass torture.

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