5 September 2005

Had an enjoyable visit with Madame to the Edinburgh Mela. The sun was blazing, the crowds were good natured, the food aromas spicy. Beautiful clothes on sale rails and on bodies. Watched a Qawwali group, Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, only one of whom appeared to be Asian, but who thundered through their stuff with vocal pyrotechnics and good humour. They’re not Sufis or even Moslems like most Qawwali groups, but devotees of an Indian woman called Mataji, I learned later. That explained why they did the Qawwali favourite ‘Allah Hoo’, but sang ‘Mataji’ instead. Also enjoyed performances by the Edinburgh Samba Band with an Indian dancer, a wild dance group from Zimbabwe and two intense young men playing an intricate duet on Ugandan wooden xylophones.

In the evening, the long-dreaded dismantling of Pestilence’s bunk bed/futon sofa went much easier than expected. If anyone wants to buy it, no reasonable offer refused. (Pic below)


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