Saturday night there was an Arts Festival committee meeting at which only two of us showed up. It’s a bit of a struggle at the moment. We have  a programme but publishing and publicity are proving difficult and two of us felt sorry for ourselves being left to do everything.

Came home and found a Rolling Stones concert from a few years ago on TV; it wasn’t bad at all, apart from an annoying tendency to stretch what started as excellent 3-minute singles out to fifteen minute rambles. The camaraderie between Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood is always fun to watch, especially at the beginning of songs when you can actually hear them above the army of backing musicians.

Today, a drive with Madame to Tillicoultry to buy a sofa. On the way back, listened to Gnarls Barkley about whom, apart from a TOTP appearance, I know precisely nothing, but it made very good listening.  After dinner came up to the study for my second rehearsal for my candlelight WaveForms session at St John’s Church on 22nd. This time the pieces, while still improvised, will have some structure, and a preset collection of sounds, which I’ve edited. I have structures for two pieces and am delighted with the effect. When I did this last year, I was just finding my way. Now I feel like I have something good to offer, still in the shadow of Robert Fripp, but a bit more of myself in it now.

‘Sacred Space’ St John’s Church, corner of Princes St and Lothian Rd, 22nd August 9:30pm, free. (venue 127)
Experience the stillness and mystery of our beautiful, candle-lit
church. Music and silence in the midst of a busy festival. Reflect on
your hopes for a world of longing and belonging.

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