6 December 2005

Design work during the day and back to working with Docent Outliner, successfully for a change.

My Fernandez Sustainer guitar arrived, delayed by Christmas post. A very nice guitar to play, but it will take time to understand and master the controls; I will also need to get a technician to fit the guitar synth pickup from my Telecaster, as I don’t want to risk it myself.

This week’s rehearsal with Bespoke+1 cancelled due to childcare difficulties – both parents are in the band. So I’ll go to JuJutsu after all.

Guitar practice – I started a few weeks ago to do half an hour a day. Instead of tunes it was just to be scales in order to achieve fluency and to understand music a bit more. Then I tended to minimise it to two scales – a major and a Dorian mode minor. Now, under the influence of Jamie Andreas‘s ‘Principles’ book, it’s down to right hand only just playing open strings very slowly for half an hour, which is far more interesting than you’d think, becoming aware of posture and muscle tension.

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