6 February 2006

Listened to an mp3 of a new song by Sam Barber, former Houdini Box colleague, a nice piece of work.

From this morning’s journal:

What is needful
Comes about

As the world swings into being

A bird accolades
Its young
Unaware of this silence
Into which …

A day of CSS, wherein I tackled areas of the Authoring System Of Doom that I’d been afraid of approaching and found – yes, I could convert a huge nested table structure to simple CSS and still have all the proprietary code work. Champion of nerdiness!

On a tip from Tommy MacKay I’m playing DJ – see my Radio Blog window on the right, with a few favourite tracks for your amusement and delectation. More on the songs below…

About the songs:

  • Inductive Resonance from a live audience tape of Robert Fripp’s early 80s band The League of Gentlemen. Guitar pyrotechics with a sense of humour.
  • Feast of Stephen by Mike Heron, produced and arranged by John Cale, who plays piano and lots of other stuff. One of my lifetime top ten.
  • Call Mother a Lonely Field by Jackie Leven. Don’t be put off by the pub singalong of Danny Boy that opens it, this is a celtic cracker.
  • One World – John Martyn at his dreamiest
  • Ma Delire by Gabriel Yacoub – a traditional French-Canadian song, which Gabriel describes as the nearest French gets to the blues. Stunning harmony singing.
  • Indus by Dead Can Dance – the heartbreaking voice of Lisa Gerard, and a nice orchestration with lifts (acknowledged) from the Beatles
  • The Fuse – Bruce Springsteen. One of his best in years.
  • One Word – Eno and Cale from Wrong Way Up, intellectuals make pop record!
  • The Water Is Wide – Bob Dylan and Rolling Thunder a rough and ready duet with Joan Baez, full of passion.

3 thoughts on “6 February 2006”

  1. Aah, One World. The song that unassumingly played on as I tried to abate two foot of flames from my quickly-melting back…!

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