6 November 2005

Went to the Left Bank last night for an evening with the Edinburgh Sound Collective, with whom there is the invitation and opportunity to make some new and different music. This will be worthwhile as long as I can conjure, to some extent at least, a new and different Norman Lamont to be part of it, one who can contribute something they don’t have and not just cook the same dishes in a new kitchen.  Last night was positive insofar as I made contact with the ESC, saw some good performances by talented people, and put a toe back into the Edinburgh music scene (it feels like I’ve been away for months rather than weeks); at the same time it was disorientating, and the same sense of appropriateness that made me come to it rather than to Mariza’s performance at the Usher Hall made me leave after a couple of hours where I felt strongly it wasn’t appropriate to be there any more. It’s a hard job teasing out in the moment what is just whim and inclination (I was tired after all) and what is intuition and perception of what is appropriate, but that’s what  matters to me right now. As Lenny Cohen sings ‘I don’t trust my inner feelings, inner feelings come and go.’

Tonight I was with Tricia, Sean and Pete to talk about our new
proto-band (which has hardly played a note together) and put on the
table our often conflicting desires for what it might do. We listened
to some tapes of Sean’s songs and mine and picked a few we could work
on when we do start in earnest, which will probably be the week after
next. I still can’t imagine myself playing again, but I’m sure I’ll
remember what to do when I get that plectrum in my fingers.

This doesn’t mean the Innocents are no more, just that they have no
plans to perform during November or December. Lynsey and Mary’s long
term plans mean that the band may well cease to exist in the spring of
next year, but I’m confident that if that is the case we’ll do several
gigs before then to celebrate the time we’ve spent together in what has
been an exceptionally warm and supportive band.

Ben (the cat) is being held in detention for his own protection while
there are still fireworks and people of questionable integrity around.
He’s not happy about it and keeps walking in front of the screen to
make his point.

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