6 September 2005

Just back from the school prizegiving where Pestilence played some Irish jigs and went off with prizes for German and Maths. Maths? Where did she get that skill from? Both her mother and father were beyond incompetence at maths. Still are.

I’m putting up streams of the six WaveForms instrumentals I made the other night, just for a few days while I decide what to do with them. They’re all pretty short except Martyrs which unfolds over a leisurely 9 minutes, and I love every minute!

1 thought on “6 September 2005”

  1. hello, i occasionally find myself on this page, and I’m glad I stumbled across these WaveForms while bored/procrastinating at work, they are class… especially “frosted fingers” and “chickenbones”. Cheers!

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