Our on-off jujutsu class is off again tonight. I’m going to hurt when I go back.

Spent a little attention on my MySpace page tonight, just because it needed it.  At the back of my mind is a major revision of this site, but not yet.

Had an enjoyable rehearsal with Lindsay Sugden for three of her songs with which to amuse the crowd at Out of the Bedroom next week.

I’m now into the second month of the 6-month Guitar Craft At A Distance course. I’m practising more or less daily, and on some days, getting quite good. There are calisthenic exercises, listening exercises, right hand and left hand exercises, scales and three Bach pieces, one of which I’ve fallen in love with and can’t stop playing (not very well at the moment it has to be said). But I now know my way around the New Standard Tuning a lot better, can sight-read a bit better, and I love the ethos of GC, which is not a million miles from some of the Buddhist practices I’ve come across, but with its own unique and quite demanding flavour. Demanding and rewarding.

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