7 February 2006

Returned for a brief visit to my old office, that of the Mysterious Woman in the Black Cape. I’d gone to advise a beginner in Dreamweaver on how to update a website, but when we sat down we couldn’t get access to the PC that had Dreamweaver on it, so she unexpectedly learned how to update a web page in NotePad. Which is a Good Thing to Know.

In the afternoon, tried my new CSS template on The System That Shows No Compassion, and they fared pretty well.

After some deliberation, I’ve added a new page to this site called In Progress, which is a diary of the development of the songs for my next CD, whenever that is, with clips of them at different stages in their development. A lot of people who read this are in a similar position, producing home-made music, so they might find it interesting to see how one Deluded Old Fool goes about it. And maybe I’ll begin to see some comments on this blog again!  In Progress.

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