7 November 2005

Annie Lennox in Scotland on Sunday:

It’s the amount of commitment and sincerity in that moment that people respond to. If you totally enter into it, it is like every atom in the room changes.

2 thoughts on “7 November 2005”

  1. Welcome back, Norman! Looks like you had a good holiday.
    I’ve been thinking about this sort of musical commitment thing a fair bit recently too.
    It seems especially true when one is playing harp (i.e. harmonica). If you just play the thing and hang back a bit, it sounds just OK. If you really go for it with your entire being, however, it can morph into a whole different thing altogether.
    I’d imagine it’s even more true with singing, but I don’t know much about that.

  2. I understand it with singing too. When are you more likely to put your heart into it? When you’re in front of an audience. And when do you find your range increases beyond the usual (3 or 4 notes in my case)? In a live performance. QED.

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