The masters for Romantic Fiction 2 are here and it sounds good to me. Just need to get printing sorted and I’ll be ready to nudge the public with the elbow and with a subtle twitch of the chin try to draw their attention to it. (Marketing was never my strong point.)

Began Guitar Craft AAD (At A Distance) course. I won’t be saying much about it publicly but I’ve started some exercises and the first bars of three Bach pieces, the opening bars of one of which I can just about manage.

Pest had her first exam in her physiotherapy course and it seems to have gone well, her having spent most of the Christmas holiday learning the names and locations of bones, muscles and nerves. Madame and I had to ask her questions every day. There are many – way too many – muscles and bits of muscles all with their own ridiculous names. The body needs to be redesigned for the 21st Century. Dumb it down, I say.

Making a return to recording at home, building up the backing track for a song called Here Goes Nothing, which is similar in feel to Call Back Fall Back, but will be less folky.

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