8 November 2005

After ju-jutsu last night, got accidentally hooked into ‘Trial and Retribution’ while helping Pestilence with a guitar part for school. Then even more hooked into Google research into the early comics I used to read, for the next couple of autobiographical articles. I even discovered a post from a usenet discussion in 2000 by someone who remembered –  The Jellymen.

The Jellymen! A strip that appeared in the Beezer when I was about 5, the first time I remember following a serial so avidly. They were a race of creatures from under the sea, like a five-legged octopus walking on land, but with a head and two trumpet-tipped arms from which they could produce an almost indestructible bubble around anyone or anything. Britain was saved from bubble-dom by plucky teacher ‘Potassium’ Roberts and his chemistry class, who produced a bubble-dissolving fluid that could be sprayed from a fire extinguisher. One of his young class then established communication with a baby Jellyman, and learned that they were simply trying to escape overcrowding under the sea. I forget the details but some political compromise was reached and the Jellymen made their peace with surface dwellers and returned to the oceans. They were a gift to the child artist – two circles, two dots for eyes, and wavy lines for five legs and two arms. Bubbles were a half circle, with whoever was trapped in the bubble inside. I tell you, one day there will be a Jellymen fan club and convention and the name of ‘Potassium’ Roberts will be accorded due respect.

3 thoughts on “8 November 2005”

  1. At last I have found someone else who remembers the Jellymen, I had begun to wonder if I had dreamt them up! I would love to get hold of copies of the old Beezers featuring them.

  2. I also remember the Jellymen and Potassium Roberts! But I never found out the end of the story – so thanks!
    What about the Kings of Castaway Island? I think that was in the Beezer at around that time. Family called King – plane crash on remote island. Wasn’t it a sort of prototype for “Lost” ?!

  3. At last! I’ve found the Jellymen! My brother and I have been “Blooping” our wives and kids for years! It’s probably thanks to Potassium Roberts that I ended up studying chemistry.

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