9 January 2006

Sleepy. Ignacio gave a talk-through at the morning sit. I prefer silence.

More Thrak at the morning session. Beginning to get a feel for it.

Half hour silence before lunch. I sat and watched the tree outside our bedroom reach for the blue sky. At lunch, I’m captivated by the sun shining through a leaf in the flower vase. What do they put in the water here?

Small group practice, clapping in 5s and 7s with the guys from my room.

Personal meeting with instructor Leonardo: an exercise to strengthen my ring finger and pinky, which are reluctant to obey instructions.

In the evening, our challenge: compose, rehearse and perform one group piece (11 of us) PLUS one small group piece (two trios and a quintet) in less than 24 hours, to perform to the rest of the house and a special guest (it’s not going to be Fripp, is it? No.)

I was elected leader of the large group, and managed to steer us quite well to get the bones of the piece in place by midnight. I went to bed but nobody else did, and people were playing till 3am. I lay restless trying to sleep but having streams of musical ideas.

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