9 October 2005 Wellington

Back to the shops, this time to help E and N buy a laptop.

In the afternoon, a visit to a thoroughly entrancing Theravada Buddhist temple in the hills of Wellington, Bodhinyanarama. Up the path from the temple was a stupa, with a plaque bearing the names of local supporters who had died. Among them was a plaque simply saying ‘Yeti’. On reading the monastery newsletter at home I discovered Yeti was the monastery cat.

In the evening we went to S’s house for a meal and watched some DVDs, including E’s visit to China and the terracotta warriors, and S’s daughter’s moment of glory as an extra in Lord of the Rings (it took her quite a bit of remote-work to freeze the spot where she runs up the stairs of Minas Tirith escaping the attack of Orcs and Trolls). Taught S’s husband the basics of blues guitar. (He could already play but thought you had to read music to learn more!)

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