9 September 2005

Congratulations to top class Edinburgh singer-songwriter Polly Phillips who’s getting married today!

A word of advice – don’t try to organise arts festivals. Things always need doing, new things you hadn’t thought of need doing in order to do the first lot of things, people need time and money, lists of things to be remembered for the things you need to do need to be written, people don’t call you back, deliveries don’t get made, ‘et cetera, et cetera and so forth’ (Rodgers and Hammerstein The King and I) But  it will all work out, as my Mum always used to say.

Went down to OOTB to see the committee and catch up with the latest on the impending need to find a new venue. No particular news, and to my surprise there was still a slot available to sing. Which I did, starting off with a barely competent version of an old number from Innocents v1 Until I Found You, then  pretty much killing the evening before it started with two of the saddest songs ever, The Spell which I’d never played in public before (and which actually sounded better than it did at home) and If You Had Said. Bad idea, really, to do them but I was wilful and wrong. I had planned and practised The Spell, but chose to follow it with If You Had Said in an attempt to interest the public in the woefully ignored and unwanted Romantic Fiction CD. Some people liked the song, nobody wanted the CD, and the following acts, Indigo Rose and a debutant guy had to try to lift the mood. I should have responded correctly to the situation instead of pushing my own agenda.

On a positive note, it’s always puzzled me that my voice has more range
when I’m on stage than when I’m at home or even when recording. The Spell has
more of a range than most of my songs and I struggle to sing the high
bits at home, but on stage it was much much easier. Adrenalin? I don’t
get nervous. Posture? I was sitting down.

Hmmm, noticed my lower right arm getting painful over the last few days
on the keyboard. May be due for another period of using the left hand
for the mouse.

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