A bunch of fives

Friday gave me a good WaveForms performance at the Salisbury Centre.  A small audience about about right for the size of room, and all very much into supporting the performance and being attentive and relaxed. The Centre library is a downstairs room with large French windows looking out onto the luxurious garden. I was sitting in front of the window so the audience could watch the garden as the light dimmed and night came on, as the loops swirled around. There were the usual  glitches and paths leading nowhere, as in any improvised performance, but there were also moments when music broke through, as a couple of friends confirmed later. After the set, a nice coffee with Ms Fi, Mark from Bristol (whom I’d met at our first Guitar Craft course), and his friend Des.

On Saturday, a ceilidh for my daughter’s friend’s 21st.

Today, my birthday, landing with great good fortune on a bank holiday. Lunch out with Madame, daughter and her boyfriend, an ill-scheduled visit to the dentist and browsing of books bought by Madame. Daughter gave me a weird apparatus – a vibrating eye mask. Spent some time reacquainting myself with the Guitar Craft repetoire  and with the tuning. It has a special appeal, probably the fact that the open strings are tuned in fifths, so they resonate beautifully.

Contemplating a return to the open mic scene. Will this old man never learn?

(Which birthday? The clue’s in the title!)

2 thoughts on “A bunch of fives”

  1. 5 bananas make a bunch and so do many more…
    Have you seen the mail from Darren on Facebook re Siglo looking for bands etc to play during the festival? I’m looking into it. Fi

  2. A heart-felt, if somewhat belated, Happy Birthday to you Norman… Hope you had a great day to mark the occasion.
    As for returning to the Open-Mic scene – great news and we hope to catch as many of the appearances as life allows.

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