A day in town

Strange as it may seem, I felt an exciting sense of novelty as I got off a commuter bus at the West End yesterday – we home workers get a bit isolated! There was a buzz to seeing people rushing about on their way to work. After five minutes in the freezing temperatures and giving up queuing for a coffee I was glad I’m a home worker. I never want to be a regular office worker again, that’s for sure.

I was in town for the E-learning Alliance annual conference, which I’d played a small part in organising. I’ve blogged at length about it on my work blog so I won’t do it here, but at the end the organisers invited me for a drink, which I gladly accepted, despite being on an empty stomach.

This loosened my inhibitions when I went into Waterstones afterwards and I came out clutching two books I hadn’t intended to buy. Oh well, one was in the sale.

I then went to Out of the Bedroom for the first time in months; it was rather deserted, but it was nice to chat to Ms Fi and Jim Broken Tooth (that’s his real name, by the way). I played a set between those of Ms Fi and Mr Tooth, both of which I’d rate as better than mine but never mind. Jim Igoe appeared promoting the Secret CDs gig next Wednesday which doubles as the launch of Roadblock.  To get the Queensferry bus I had to leave just one song into what seemed like an excellent set by a person named Al, from a duo called Al & Al. 

Wednesday’s gig will be an electric affair – it’s now confirmed that we’re following it up on Sunday 9th at the Listening Room with an acoustic version of the songs.

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