A dip in the pool

Home from London (the second day of the conference was much better), a day’s catching up and trying to harness some of the ideas flying around from the conference, then a rehearsal with a rather fragile Bespoke. Getting home to an empty house I sat in front of the computer with my acoustic guitar and looked through a folder on my PC called ‘lyrics’ with about 130 songs.  There used to be a programme on the radio called Sing Something Simple that began ‘old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones’ ; that was tonight, a dip into the last ten to fifteen years of songs to find the ones that haven’t made it to albums or band performances but still have something to them, something I could sing and get behind. I found five or six that deserve to get some fresh air, possibly in recording or the Wright Brothers or a tentative collaboration with Torpedo Buoy. Some near complete, some half-written, some over-written, some no more than blank verse. Coming to a pair of ears near you (but you know me – not soon!).

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