A moan from Luton part 2

90m after the scheduled departure time they called us all to the gate, but only to tell us it was cancelled. We had to go back to check-in and get booked onto flights for this morning, from Luton, Stanstead or Gatwick, then we got a list of local hotels and the instruction to find one, pay for it and send the receipt to Easyjet.  Having already been sold invalid train tickets by Easyjet on the way down, they weren't my favourite company. On the fifth phone call I got lucky and found a hotel with a room – when I got there it turned out to be an EasyHotel – very cheap, tiny room with no furniture other than a bed, £5 to use the TV and, worst, everything in that garish white and orange!

I got back this morning, very tired after the second 5 o'clock rise in two days, and had to work till 9:30 at night, missing a rehearsal with Ms Fi,  I've had better days!

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