A new 45m solo set

On Tuesday March 30th, the Ruby Tuesday Sessions page on Facebook selected a few veterans of Edinburgh’s Out of the Bedroom open mic to play some longer sets. I was one.

Despite extensive testing of my setup – audio and streaming – the day before, it didn’t seem to work when I tested it on the day. I tried multiple setups, going through OBS, through my iPad and through my phone. In the end I reverted to my original setup, streaming from OBS at a much lower quality than before. After a few minutes where the video stopped but the sound continued, it seemed to be working and I relaxed and enjoyed it. Quite a few of my most popular songs are here, along with a new one and a virtually unknown one from the Roadblock album. Here I’ve edited out some of the ‘is this working?’ waffle and added song titles.

  1. Polecats
  2. End of Tears
  3. Makes Sense to Me
  4. So Many Pictures (by Dave Christopher)
  5. If I Could Be With You
  6. What Use Is That To Anyone?
  7. The Ballad of Bob Dylan
  8. Green Lights All The Way
  9. Lump Sum
  10. Sword of Love
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