A wee bit o’ promotion

I’ve just been informed I’m the Featured Artist at Scotloads, which is nice.

And if you’re feeling generous you can vote for Romantic Fiction 2 in the Edinburgh Acoustic Idols poll.

The what?

Acoustic Idols is an annual event celebrating contemporary acoustic music and songwriting in Edinburgh. There’s a period of voting / selecting by the acoustic club and open mike audiences of Edinburgh, culminating in a jamboree concert and awards ceremony.
Acoustic Idols aims to be a relaxed, friendly version of a competition. Yep, ultimately there’s only one winner in each category but those people are there because local musicians and audiences like what they do. And loads of other performers get mentions and listings, and the awards concert is just an excuse for a great music night out, bringing together the overlapping circles of different open mikes and showcases.


VOTE IN ACOUSTIC IDOLS – deadline 30 Apr 08
just send a myspace message, or an e-mail to idols@rblmusic.com , stating where and when you last went to an Edinburgh acoustic night (open mike, showcase). We will send you a voting slip at the start of May.

More at the Acoustic Idols Myspace.

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