A new song – If You Had Said

Strange – one minute I’m working on the OOTB site, then I pick up my guitar for a little relaxation. Looking through some lyics on the computer I find a set from May 2004 I don’t remember writing at all!

Before long I’ve got a sort of tune for it and I’ve just got to get it down before I forget it. Fortunately nobody is in. Quick recording, half improvised. And here it is in public, disfiguring marks and all. Just voice and guitar. In future I may layer stuff on it, but then people will probably say they preferred this version – so be it.  I hope you like it, it’s not my usual style.

If You Had Said

Download if_you_had_said.mp3

Lyrics below …

If you had only said

What the stars in the early evening

Meant to you

If you had let me know

If you had only said

That you need an arm around your

In the cold

I guess I needed to be told

So many days are lost

So many years have fled

We could have lived them all

If you had only said

If you had only said

How I hurt you and made you want to

Die inside

And how you always knew I lied

If I had only known

What it cost you to keep wearing that

smile for me

If you had only let me see

So many days are lost

So many years have fled

We could have lived them all

If you had only said

You’re so beautiful

The world has no right

It’s for people
like me

Who try to

Whatever comes
inside their range

And then think it’s
all so strange

When there’s
nothing in  their hands

Nothing in their

Copyright Norman Lamont 2004

2 thoughts on “A new song – If You Had Said”

  1. very ‘remains of the day’ till the last bit.
    poignant and beautifully vague about who the characters are and their relationship…open to personal interpretaition by others.
    something that could not be levelled at the musical torture i heard today. the mike Read single to fundraise for the tsunami…..’grief never dies’ aaaaagh.
    don’t have ability to tell my computer how to sing it [ your song that is]. will try and learn
    ‘mistakes aren’t the enemy regret is the enemy’ from porcupines kisses by stephen dobyns
    still having no inspiration on the valentine haiku as feeling such a jauary sepia smirr in my head . hard to be all pink andfluffy at the same time.
    how about snow drifts
    snow drops
    valentine slush
    yes my children laughed pityingly as well.
    I’ll pop an entry form in the postin the hope you can do better . just need your address I think unless on your web site which is what i was looking for but found this……….computers like DIY always take longer than you think to achieve anything

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