A Thursday

This isn’t my week for public transport.  I had to go to Glasgow for a workshop on elearning. Bus to Edinburgh 6.30 OK, train to Glasgow 7.30 OK, well in time for workshop at 9.30.  9.05 train from Glasgow Central to Cathcart – untraceable. Platform staff had no idea where it would be and even less interest; one nodded me through to a train that had just arrived at the right time marked ‘Cathcart’. Fortunately one of the passengers remarked it  was going to Girvan! Found the platform at the train was 15-20m late, meaning I was late for the workshop, later even than my colleague who had come up from Peterborough!  Getting back to Edinburgh was OK, then the curse of the 43 – the only bus service to Queensferry and one where the timetables have the status of a consoling myth – like a religion with  no tangible evidence of a connection to reality, but not a lot of believers. End of grumble.

Very good night at the Full Moon Club. A lot of bands had come from Dundee, bringing some gorgeous dancers. Wish I had fans who danced like that ("Then try playing something you can dance to" – the plain people of Scotland). I particularly enjoyed the Krautrock-like instrumentals of AltRes, but a three-piece called Isis also turned in a spirited and passionate set. Elektra did what was a new song to me, about revenge on a miscreant lover (always a fun theme), which was great. I had fun with theG.co.uk, first time I’ve played as part of a Jam-like gtr/bass/drums trio, and I tried my synth/loop thing. I didn’t think it had gone very well, and I’m sure there was some heckling, but I had a surprising number of people say they enjoyed it, and not all friends of mine! I had to leave before the intriguingly titled Mad Dog McFarlane and The Chloroform Hookers, but even the names gave me some entertainment.

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  1. Ah, the legendary No 43. I was on one the other day which took a wrong turning at a roundabout, causing a car to collide with it. “Ah dinnae ken how I did that,” said the driver. I do. He took the wrong turning.

  2. Yesterday it got nearly to the Bo’ness road, which wasn’t particularly congested, swiftly did a U-turn and started heading back into the Ferry. A few alarmed passengers came down to try and get off; the driver muttered something about ‘no wastin ony mair o ma time’ and seemed to say we could go with him to Scotstoun then he’d come back along the Boness road the other way and let us off. We declined his offer and he dropped us well down the road toward the crossroads. Maybe you should set up a ‘tales of the 43 bus’ site?

  3. Norman.. I enjoyed your synth loop set, but the very best part of it, was YOUR song.. Hungry Ghosts.. it was moving and musical and etheric. I think you should explore more of your own material with the synth loops. Your lyrics and voice are so clear and image-filled that the low-key soundscape is a perfect backdrop to full understanding. Of course, Ballad of Bob Dylan might make a tough translation to this medium.
    Thanks for comments on ‘Beg’ the ‘revenge’ song.. every word is true, unfortunately.
    Love and bliss

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