Norman Lamont by Philippe Monthoux


Norman Lamont is a timeless, classic singer-songwriter, as much at home in echoey electronics as in intimate acoustic settings. His songs are always melodic and memorable, but his subject matter ranges from the surreal and spiritual to quirky humour.

Over the last 15 years he has produced five albums of original songs: The Wolf Who Snared The Moon (2004)  with dreamlike story-songs and two fan favourites, the award-winning Ballad of Bob Dylan and the Bond-theme rush of the title track.

Romantic Fiction (2006) approached love stories with both tenderness and knock-down humour.  The next two albums Roadblock (2008) and All The Time In Heaven (2013) were darker, dealing sensitively with themes of loss and grieving.

In 2018 he  released In Another Life with his band The Heaven Sent, an upbeat, acoustic-based album with a more positive spin, including a revisited Ballad of Bob Dylan.  It received a four star review in RnR magazine.

He has also produced a live album, an album of instrumentals and a compilation, Anywhere But Here.

Songwriting themes

  • Surreal stories - ‘surreal’ in the sense of dream-like, with only their own internal logic holding them together
  • Relationship songs that nail an unspoken feeling with disarming honesty
  • Zen - trying to express the occasional and hard-to-verbalise insights of meditation and mindfulness
  • Seasoning all of the above with a good sprinkling of  humour.

Reviews and articles

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