Against the clock

At teatime on Friday I was contacted by a music publisher of my acquaintance; he had emailed a number of local musicians about a brief he’d had from an advertising company looking for a song for a TV advert. They gave a description of the ad and the kind of song they were looking for, something strident and anthemic. Not my normal style, but I remembered a song I’d written and demo-ed in Innocents days called The Dizzying Heights and sent him the demo MP3. I’d recorded it almost exactly three years ago.  He thought it was well worth submitting so that started a race to tidy it up (a typical Norman multi-track-but-all-first-take job); that took a couple of hours on Friday, when I wasn’t on chauffeur duty, and a few more hours on Saturday. After a very enjoyable gig at the Dalriada on Saturday night – the best ever – with Nelson and Ms Fi (thanks to everyone who came to see us!) I was up at the crack on Sunday to take the Cubase file over to Dave Watson who remixed it (and tidied it further in his meticulous way). It’s now  in the hands of the publisher and the lap of the gods.  Now I think it might even fit the album – not bad for an abandoned song!

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