All The Time In Heaven

A fairly downbeat album, running through a range of genres from ambient (Fingerpuppet) through country (I Started A Fire) to electronica (The Monk From the Mountain of Sorrow).

Described as 'Leonard Cohen meets Robert Fripp'.


Anywhere But Here

A collection of the most popular tracks (and my personal favourites) from Roadblock, Romantic Fiction and The Wolf.

"As with the likes of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Bowie and Dylan, an artist Lamont pays tribute to in “The Ballad Of Bob Dylan”, Norman Lamont is writer that draws out the requirements that the song needs, rather than tie himself to a specific genre and that’s something that gets magnified in a compilation."
(Neil King, FATEA)



The darkest of my albums, almost all centred on memory and loss.

"Dreamy slide guitar, arctic Lanois-style trimmings and some gorgeous violin flourishes and arrangements. Delivers the chills on a run of three standout tracks – “Dorothy’s Book,” the epic ambitions of “The Spell” and the darkly sublime “Anywhere But Here" (plus the deliciously gloomy ruminations of the excellent title track)."
(Sid Smith, music journalist and King Crimson biographer)




A collection of my improvised looping instrumentals.


Romantic Fiction

Originally released as two EPs, these addressed the lack of 'relationship' songs on The Wolf.  Alternately funny, sad and - well - odd, they cover the range of 'you and me' themes.


The Wolf Who Snared The Moon

My first 'real' album after lots of cassettes and home-made jobs, these songs are still the backbone of the live set and the most popular with my fans.


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