An amateur writes

Last night, this amateur designed a CD booklet with what miniscule booklet design skills he possesses. Today he held forth on a day session for some very intelligent and motivated trainers at an insurance company on various pieces of good advice in which he has great confidence and less experience. Tomorrow he flies to London to assist a group of people from across his employer’s company to find out what they actually want when they think they want something and attempt to guide them along the path of creating such without accepting the monkey on his own back. From there, he will travel to Brighton to offer technical advice from the borders of his competence to a range of people far below, and above his own level. On Friday he will return in the hope of finding on his doormat a completed master of the Roadblock album.

From Robert Fripp’s recent diary: ‘The problem with being pushy is that you sometimes push the door shut instead of open.’

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