Another orbit

Once more round the sun and it’s my birthday again.  Lotsa books and book tokens, my delight, and some nice clothes from Madame, ones I could say I liked without being polite!  Spent the afternoon practising bass and ukulele for Ms Fi’s set on Wednesday at Secret CDs and then some loop-based stuff for my next solo gig, which happens to be:

the Dalriada, Portobello Esplanade, next Saturday 10th May 9-12. I’ll be sharing the bill with Ms Fi and have decided to do an acoustic set and a loop-based electric set (songs not ambient stuff).

In the evening, a meal with wife and number one son, followed by some games of pool at the boy’s pub, where I surprised both of us by beating him 3-0. He had offered to take me to see Iron Man for my birthday, but I realised he’d hate it, so asked him to reconsider and for now it looks like we’ll both go to the Hibs-Celtic match with my father-in-law next weekend. Strange but attractive.  Home from the pub to a great return of Lost, and preparing backing tracks to re-record some vocals at Dave Watson’s studio tomorrow. Which is now today, so I’m going to bed.

Oh, and happy birthday to Mr Cloudland Blue Quartet, who shares my birthday.

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  1. And right back at you Norm!!
    It’s also Iona Marshall’s birthday – she has a track on her last album called “May the Fourth Be With You” – ah the old Star Wars pun…

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