Another Turn

Doing a file tidy-up of my computer last week I found this:


N ali g at listening roomI recorded this at Dave Watson's home studio in 2004 – I think – with The Innocents (at the time, Alison Hennessy on violin and the G on drums), as one of the sessions for The Wolf album, where it was always intended to sit. But when it came to the crunch I didn't think it was good enough and over the years I even forgot I'd recorded it.

In hindsight I made the right decision – it's not got what the best Wolf tracks have got, and compared to how the song was live, especially with the Lynsey/Mary lineup of the Innocents, it sounds a bit polite and distant. This song really needs the E Street Band or REM. But it still has something for me, so I hope it has something for you.

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