‘Anywhere But Here’ review and cringe story

I’ve received a warm review in FATEA, an online magazine from Poole in Dorset. I lived in nearby Bournemouth for six months during a period in the 1970s when Robert Fripp had retired from the music scene. One day I realised he came from this area and decided that, since he’d retired and all, he wouldn’t mind having a chat with me. (No I didn’t know very much about Mr Fripp at that time!)  I thought such an unusual name would be easy to locate in the phone book.  I was saved from utter exasperation on Mr Fripp’s part and total embarrassment on mine by the fact that there were pages upon pages of Fripps in the Bournemouth phone book, lots and lots of them ‘R’.  It’s very much a local name. Thankfully I didn’t start phoning all the ‘ R Fripps’ asking if they used to be a guitarist in a rock band.  I’ve done many stupid things in my time but I’m glad this wasn’t added to them. So close, though.

Anyway, here’s the review http://www.fatea-records.co.uk/magazine/NormanLamont.html

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