April is nearly gone

It’s been a busy old time and I haven’t said much here about what has been transpiring in what I laughingly call my music career.

An offer to contribute some squalling guitar to a song at the Fritz VanHelsing tribute night led to my joining a band called Fraktured Fingers for a spell. Some regular rehearsals with Andy, Susan, Rosie, Donna and Steve knocked some numbers into shape and we organised a fun set of punk/cabaret/power pop – I don’t know what was either, which worked really well on the night. There’s a unique kind of terror that comes over a man when he has a guitar in his hand, is playing Richard Thompson’s ‘Tear Stained Letter’ and the time comes for a solo! After the set we thought that was it but there have been expressions of interest in doing it all again somewhere else and that would be fun.

TCover art for Anywhere But Herehe Fritz tribute also saw the Invisible Helpers say farewell to bassist John, who’s off to do things with his intellect even more impressive than playing the bass on Ballad of Bob Dylan. The Helpers convened this week and decided to continue as a four piece rather than look for another member, so Trip Hazzard picks up the bass once again.

I’ve been working with producer Daniel to finalise the compilation album Anywhere But Here ( or perhaps that should be Now That’s What I Call Golden Megasmashes vol 1 ?) The mastering of the songs and re-recording of the title track is complete and I’ll be putting it online soon and even getting some real physical CDs made. I’d also make LPs, cassettes, cartridges and 78s but I can’t afford it.

The tracks, not necessarily in this order,a re:

  • The Desert Was Better
  • The Wolf Who Snared the Moon
  • Leaving
  • When I Came Home from Egypt
  • Winter Sky
  • Anywhere But Here
  • This Horse
  • Come With Me
  • The Ballad of Bob Dylan
  • Nicole
  • Hungry Ghosts

I have two offers of help with publicity for this release and Pol Arida is going to work with me on a video for Anywhere But Here. I guess a CD launch party might be in order?

That said, I’m not far from completing an album of new songs, All The Time In Heaven. I’d intended it to be first but various factors convinced me the time was right for the compilation.

Thanks again for being interested, if you have been, and good night!


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