Art & Deco

Two main projects occupy me now. The continued transformation of my old office into Pestilence’s Parlour, in preparation for her home visit next weekend, and the transformation of her former parlour into Lamont Head Office, further towards completion but hampered by the need to store Stuff from the other room while it’s being transformed.

The other is the promotion of my recent musical efforts, namely Roadblock. One part of that is to communicate better with those who’ve expressed an interest already; another to interest those who know nothing of the music.  For the first I’ve made better use of Reverbnation’s mailing list tool and replaced the tiny, hidden exhortation to sign up with a big fat one on the right. And to bring the songs directly to the attention of the casual visitor, a player widget. So far so good, but whence will these casual visitors come? Friend and PR guru Mark helped today to transform my jottings into a press release to accompany the CD to the hell holes of journalism.  Here comes the Cliff Richard of Despair!

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