Songstories #20 – Failure

Vintage engraving of miserable man

Last month I wrote about Bruce Springsteen and noted how honestly he talks about his depression in his book. I don’t suffer from  depression. I have friends who do and I can see the difference between what they go through and what I experience as ‘feeling down’.  What I do have is a recurrent and regular … Read more

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

I’ve just finished reading Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography Born To Run.   It’s a strong book, as strong as his best songs. That same mix of drama, fervent belief, bluster and a sense of the ridiculous that marks his live show is here in every chapter.   Perhaps surprisingly it leaves you with a strong sense … Read more

songstories #19: Still

Hungry Ghosts - Stephen Malloch, Tricia Thom, Norman Lamont

This goes a long way back.  Hungry Ghosts was a band I formed in the 1990s, a trio with Tricia Thom as singer and Stephen Malloch on violin. We were later joined by Sean Doyle on bass and Dave Haswell on percussion. This was our ‘greatest hit’, which actually won some kind of song competition … Read more

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