Songstories #20 – Failure

Vintage engraving of miserable man

Last month I wrote about Bruce Springsteen and noted how honestly he talks about his depression in his book. I don’t suffer from  depression. I have friends who do and I can see the difference between what they go through and what I experience as ‘feeling down’.  What I do have is a recurrent and regular … Read moreSongstories #20 – Failure

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

I’ve just finished reading Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography Born To Run. It’s a strong book, as strong as his best songs. That same mix of drama, fervent belief, bluster and a sense of the ridiculous that marks his live show is here in every chapter. Perhaps surprisingly it leaves you with a strong sense of what … Read moreBruce Springsteen – Born To Run

Leonard Cohen – my life in (his) art

I was sixteen and in fifth year at school. My girlfriend at the time was in sixth year, her eye on the end of school and the beginning of ‘real life’. One evening at her house she brought out a white album with an obscure, burned out photo on the front. Songs from a Room. … Read moreLeonard Cohen – my life in (his) art

‘Waveforms’ is now on Bandcamp

Waveforms album cover

Having been unavailable for a while the Waveforms album of ambient instrumentals is now up on Bandcamp, with a couple of extra bonus tracks. It’s priced at £4.00 rather than free. Why? Because I think music is worth something. It’s not much and you’re welcome to pay more if you want. The first track is … Read more‘Waveforms’ is now on Bandcamp