Been and seen

I’ll get back to full rambling length next week no doubt but for now I have to be brief as work is calling.

Played Edinburgh BeanScene last night which was better than cancelling but not miles better. My voice was weak and disobedient, the set list indecisive and the whole thing a bit difficult. The Decibelles joined us but Ali was ill and had to leave; the staff must have thought we were just inviting everyone we knew to join in for a jam, especially when Pete Rowan joined us for one number. They were very tolerant, though, and gave everyone who declared themselves a band member a drink.  Next week it will just be the core band, and we will have to turn in a more professional and communicative set.  I am sure there are more changes due for this band but I don’t know what they are, and have to sit with the not-knowing until a way becomes clearer.

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