Blue Blazer (afterword)

My thanks to everyone who came to the Listening Room gig at the Blue Blazer last night, for such a warm reception to what was a pretty experimental set. Despite some anxieties about the voice holding out and remembering chords in the Guitar Craft tuning, and remembering words for the covers, the energy and sense of fun in the audience made it a memorable night for me and the songs seemed to take on some life.

So, again, thanks!


The set:

Winter Sky (first performance in five years)

The Wolf Who Snared the Moon (new arrangement)

Roadblock (new arrangement)

Jerusalem (hardly ever performed, new arrangement)

After We Shot the Grizzly (Handsome Family cover, first time)

Dorothy’s Book (first time)

Polecats (new arrangement)

Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be? (spontaneously dredged up from memory)

Your Last Man (at last! something I’ve done once or twice before!)

Dodge Veg-O-Matic (Jonathan Richman cover, first time)



When I Came Home from Egypt


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  1. Wow! You’re first in line for the job of the Lamont biography!! Let’s wait until there are 1000 advance orders, though.

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