Blue Blazes

Another good Innocents gig at the Listening Room (Blue Blazer) last night. After a particularly nice set of open mic singers, including the formidable Graeme Mearns, who just keeps getting better, and a mystery woman called Emily with a nice dry wit, we did a set from the Wolf and Romantic Fiction. I’ve gone through the period of being fed up repeating the Wolf songs and now enjoy it again, as the band and I find new nuances, little changes to make while being secure that we’re not going to mess anything up. It’s fun. We had longer than I’d anticipated to play and although one punter from the main bar who’d enjoyed us grooving on Nicole loudly suggested we do something by Adam and the Ants, we declined and played The Sea again, the way we always used to close a set, and very spacious and present it was.

So we had fun, amused some people, sold a couple of CDs and made enough to cover our drinks. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night.

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