Down to Birmingham today for a performance appraisal type meeting. I usually go with BA but today BMIBaby’s time suited better, especially as I wanted to get back for a long-awaited second session of The Project With Sean and Tricia – a try-out combination of the Hungry Ghosts and Bespoke bands. We’d been trying for weeks to get a time when everyone was available and tonight was it.

I got to Brum and discovered the BA flight I would have got was cancelled. Congratulated self on luck. Had the meeting, got back to the airport and my 4.15 return flight was delayed until 6.25.  Not at all possible for me to get to the  rehearsal room they’d booked in Newtongrange.

It may be another few weeks before we can make it again, unless I sacrifice an Innocents rehearsal but I can’t do that, we have two upcoming gigs:  Sunday 10th at Bannermans – the final Full Moon club and Friday 15th at the Caledonian Backpackers.

Artwork for CD almost finished!

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