Norman Lamont: Breath – thank you!

Album cover with blurred portrait and 'Norman Lamont' 'Breath'

Thank you for ordering Breath!  It's a subscriber-only exclusive mini-album of songs by artists I've written about - Momus, Jacques Brel, Robin Williamson, Mike Heron, Clive Palmer, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie and Robert Burns (John Martyn style).

You'll get a series of three emails, starting today, with links to groups of the songs along with background information and links you can follow if you want,  to related songs and stories. That way you're not getting big audio files by email. 

By the end of three days you'll have the whole album in mp3 format, or just the tracks you like.

Please check any Spam or Promotions folders in your email app in case the emails arrive there. You can stop this by adding to your Contacts or by dragging the first email into your Inbox or Primary folder.

I hope you like it and thanks once again for the privilege of emailing you. I promise not to abuse it!

Norman Lamont

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