Checked artwork for CD – ready for copying today. In the evening saw Impossible Songs at the Roxy.  Realised I hadn’t seen them play since their early, nervous days at OOTB. This was a different story – a confident, assured performance that deserved a bigger audience. Even the notorious Roxy acoustics worked in their favour, on the quiet songs at least, cushioning Ali’s voice in a lovely reverb. There’s a new PA at the Roxy and they’re trying to improve the acoustics, but there’s a bit to go; I can’t imagine it can be done cheaply. Anyway, a chance conversation after the show resulted in a show this Thursday (14 July) at the Roxy featuring me on soundscapes, Impossible Songs, Cloudland Blue Quartet and James Jamieson and a set of solo acoustic songs from me at some point too.

On Saturday, Madame and Pestilence booked a holiday in Ibiza while I went to Leith to open Out of the Bedroom’s first songwriting workshop with Woodstock Taylor. I went along later to close it and it seems to have been productive. In the evening at home  I set up two soundscapes. As is the risk with these things, the first one went nowhere and couldn’t be rescued. The second one was a gem from the first moments, and will be made public in due course.

Sunday was spent grouting the shower (the life of glamour indeed) and the evening at the Full Moon Club’s final bash at Bannerman’s. I saw the performers I most wanted to see, Electra and William Mysterious, who both turned in the finest sets I’ve seen from them. I also caught Etrangere, an offshoot of Nicotene Fingers, a duo who made a lot more noise than two people have a right to, with some fine catchy tunes in there.  The Innocents had a relaxed, fun set, comprised almost entirely of uptempo stuff (apart from Polecats), that even had people up on the dancefloor. I meant to watch more bands but got caught up in a conversation which started from necessity and became enjoyable.

The Full Moon Club has been very important to me, particularly when I was returning to active service after the end of the Hungry Ghosts band, and gave the Innocents their first gigs, with lots of support and encouragement. My experience has been that of many bands in Edinburgh and Fritz, Mal and Rosie deserve a well-earned rest after all they’ve done to keep Edinburgh music vibrant.

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  1. Loved the quote, Norman, we think that’s the best thing anyone has ever said about us! 🙂
    …Can we use it as a “review quote” on our website?

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