Catechism of cliché (3) – the L&D pep talk

cowWhat is your job this morning?

  • To share ideas around our vision

I appreciate your generosity.  What act of manual dexterity will you also be performing?

  • Positioning the change programme

With what aim, of considerable aeronautical value?

  • So that it lands well

Whence are we beginning?

  • A good foundation

In what provocatory surroundings will we find ourselves in the next year?

  • A challenging environment

What will we do to this challenging environment?

  • Respond

To what must our learning be closely aligned?

  • Business needs

What should the method of propulsion  of our learning strategy be?

  • It should be driven by the needs of the business

What propulsive activity should our learning, in turn, carry out?

  • It should drive business results

Where will this ‘business’ be found?

  • At the customer interface

What unitary outlet, of an arresting nature, will our new website become?

  • A one-stop shop

What will this shop offer, provide, promote, make possible?

  • Access

Access to what?

  • All your learning and development needs

What will we be serving up to meet these needs?

  • Media rich content

In what easily masticated form will these needs be met?

  • Bite size chunks

What basic physics work will be executed by our social learning strategy?

  • It will leverage the collective knowledge of the workforce

In what tubular repositories does this collective knowledge currently reside, out of which we will pry it?

  • Silos

That will require a lot of thought. Where will I do this thinking?

  • Outside the box

Oh, you were doing so well.  Go away.


(With apologies to the spirit of Flann O’Brien)

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