Catechism of Cliche 4 – the project

shipWhat aeronautical journey stage has this project just completed?
– it has landed

How has it done this?
– not as well as we would have liked

What shall we have to hold?
– our hands

Where shall we have to hold them?

I hear that pointing will be also required. What will we be pointing at this issue?
– additional resources

What enveloping action is the only appropriate one to meet this issue?
– wrapping our arms around it

What damaged attribute of the project must we recognise?
– credibility

What must be done with it?
– restore it

What are to be learned, in plenty?
– lessons

To what essential part of the body have the steering committee taken these lessons?
– heart

What is the view of those who planned this project?
– none, they left months ago

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