Ceilidhs, vids and Barcelona

This has been a busy couple of weeks, doing things I've never done before. First was giving a talk at a conference (the E-learning Network in London); getting the WaveForms soundtoy (previous post) up and running, which took up hours of two of my Flash-scient work colleagues when it wouldn't work, only to find it was because I'd the wrong setting on my FTP upload to my site; then there was editing scenes from elderly videocassettes into a video with soundtrack for daughter Pest's 21st birthday. I'd done no more than stick titles at the front of my previous videos. This time I wanted to sync it with music (The League of Crafty Guitarists' hilarious 'Connecticut Yankee') add in stills and fast-cut sequences. The software I'd used before, Serif Movie Plus, crashed shortly after starting; I found I could pick up Microsoft Movie Maker pretty quickly and it did the job. There were numerous and varied other shenanigans to getting the presents and party set up, and we ended up driving lost round a dark, torrential Aberdeen hours before the party was due to start picking up and delivering food to the venue. But it went off well and the ceilidh band (Youse Dancing?) were excellent.

Now a couple of days to gather and tie loose ends before setting off to Barcelona for a couple of days tourism followed by a Guitar Craft course with Mr Fripp. Strings, metronome, deeply serious face – action!

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