Chick weekend

A busy weekend starting with a drive to Aberdeen to pick up Pest and transport her and her pet goldfish home for Christmas. They ought to include driving with fish on board on the driving test. Or at least have a sticker for the back window. Sunday was Christmas shopping in Stirling with Madame and Pest where I managed to buy precisely nothing.

When Madame and Pest get together it’s chick-flick time, and over the weekend we’ve watched Hairspray and The Holiday, both amusing – not enough to assuage the ‘I ought to be doing something creative’ nag in my head but enough to keep me in front of them with another glass of wine.

Plague starts his new job today; I can see that a standard part of our morning routine from now on is going to be tying a tie round my neck, loosening it and giving it to him to slip over his neck. Yes I know all about teaching a man to fish, but whoever coined that never tried to teach Plague to tie a tie.

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