Christmas re-revolution

As it’s Christmas, and as some visitors may not have heard it, here’s a reprise of last year’s Christmas Revolution by me’n’Nello, the Wright Brothers.

This was my stab at an early 70s-style Christmas song, particularly the Spector-and-kitchen-sink approach of Roy Wood, whose Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day still lifts my spirits decades later. I know if you’re a serious music fan, the Pogues is supposed to be your favourite Christmas song but for me it’ll always come second to Wizzard.

Download Christmas Revolution

3 thoughts on “Christmas re-revolution”

  1. Nah it has to be Slade and Merry Christmas Everybody.1.2.3. “it’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!”
    Or maybe if one is feeling more reflective a bit of Tull.

  2. Oh I don’t know about that, Fi. While I thought Slade’s performance of the song was great, I always felt it was a mismatch of words and melody. There’s no irony or reflectiveness in the words, but the melody is quite a sombre one in the verse and downright sad in the chorus. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they had the tune before the idea of a Christmas song came up. Tull? What Christmas song did they do?

  3. Tull did “Solstice Bells” – more pagan than christmas I guess. I always thought “I wish it could be Christmas every day…” was a ghastly thing to wish on anyone, like that sad bloke in the metro who eats christmas dinner every day. Maybe I should listen again. I haven’t really heard too many Xmas tunes this year. Wonder how Les has got on with his yearly effort…

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