Christmas Revolution, 2009 music and all that


Well, Copenhagen was very far from being the revolution many dreamed of and few expected. But here’s the song anyway, from the Wright Brothers, my duo with Nelson Wright, in 2008.

Music hasn’t had much of a look in this year; the year started with various difficult situations at home; with spring things got better and Bespoke began to move from a project of dreams to a project of just-maybe-possibly reality. I had some fun playing bass for Ms Fi, and did some recording with Nelson, yet to be completed. There were a few WaveForms gigs at the Salisbury Centre and even a folk club gig with an old Incredible String Band fan acquaintance.

Around mid-year I began recordings for what may or may not be a new album. Six songs were started, of which I’ve offered one, Fingerpuppet, on the site. Before leaving for the States, Darren Thornberry offered to sing a version of Call Back Fall Back – I believe the vocal tracks are ‘in the post’ right now.

During the Festival I was invited to play at a couple of bars, Pivo and Siglo, for which I hastily convened the Norman Lamont Festival Ensemble (Fi, Mary and Sam); the Pivo nights were thoroughly enjoyable. Another highlight was playing WaveForms by candlelight twice at St John’s Church. In October Bespoke finally made it to the stage for an absolute belter of a gig that surprised us all. Since then it’s collapsed into its familiar rehearsal and injury hell, but it will emerge, crackling, in 2010.

As for the Norman Lamont singer/songwriter persona, I don’t know where that will be in 2010; I have a strong feeling that open mics in Edinburgh is not where it will be. But I can’t see the alternative yet. That’s to come.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s played music with me, listened to my music or offered encouragement in a year when I’ve badly needed it.  Have a great 2010!

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